Google’s September 2023 update on “Helpful Content”

So, it’s now October 2023 and Google has finished (apparently) rolling out its new Helpful Content update. This update purports to be more accepting of AI-generated content and raises concerns about third-party content on main sites or subdomains. Additionally, there’s advice for sites seeing a traffic drop post-update.

Main Points:

  1. Helpful Content System: Google says its system now boosts quality content and reduces less beneficial content’s visibility.
  2. Update Details: Three primary changes:

    • A relaxed stance on AI content.
    • Concerns about third-party content.
    • Tips for traffic-dipped sites.
  3. AI Content: Google is now (finally) recognising AI’s potential… for the time being at least.
  4. Third-Party Content: New guidelines could challenge sites hosting third-party content. If it doesn’t align with the site’s main purpose or lacks oversight, it’s best left out.
  5. Self-Assessment Tips: Content should be expert-reviewed, and misleading updates are discouraged. In other words, don’t change content just for SEO.
  6. Micro-Sites Insight: Some sites lease subdomains to third parties without proper oversight, leading to skewed search results.
  7. Recovery Advice: For affected sites, the advice is to modify or remove unhelpful content. Google has provided evaluative questions to help.

Key Questions:

  1. How will AI content’s acceptance reshape future content creation?
  2. What’s the strategy for third-party content now?
  3. How on earth do you meet Google’s benchmarks when it comes to content creation?

Like all of Google’s updates; only time will tell