A Guide to the Google March 2024 update

Google algorithms

The Google March 2024 core update has introduced a seismic shift in the SEO landscape, emphasizing the eradication of low-quality, unoriginal content, and marking a significant stride towards enhancing search result quality. This update, broad in scope and impact, targets to declutter Google’s search results from spammy and AI-generated content, aligning closely with Google’s ongoing … Read more

What does 2024 have in store?

Keep abreast of the latest SEO trends for 2024

As it’s now 2024, I thought I’d do a brief blog post to point you in the direction of a thread over on Webmaster World in case you’re bored and have a bit of time to spare. The reason being that the thread encapsulates varied experiences of SEO professionals and webmasters with Google’s search dynamics … Read more

On-Page Optimisation Strategies

on-page search engine optimisation

In the ever-evolving world of SEO, on-page optimisation remains a cornerstone for driving organic traffic to your website. Excelling in this area ensures that your content not only appeals to search engines but also resonates with your audience. With search algorithms becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve in on-page SEO … Read more

Keyword Research Techniques: Your Essential Guide for SEO Triumph

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In the vast expanse of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) remains a top tool for online presence. At SEO’s heart lies keyword research: the detailed process of discovering and analysing terms folks type into search engines. Grasping keyword research can bump up a website’s traffic, ensure content meets user intent, and, let’s not forget, … Read more

Google’s September 2023 update on “Helpful Content”

Google news

So, it’s now October 2023 and Google has finished (apparently) rolling out its new Helpful Content update. This update purports to be more accepting of AI-generated content and raises concerns about third-party content on main sites or subdomains. Additionally, there’s advice for sites seeing a traffic drop post-update. Main Points: Key Questions: Like all of … Read more

How I got a backlink from the BBC website

Getting a backlink from a highly reputable and authoritative website like the BBC isn’t easy. It’s a bit of a cliche in SEO circles, with the BBC and Forbes being perhaps the two most quoted “holy grail” sources for desirable backlinks. However, as you can see from the Google Search Console (aka Webmaster Tools) image … Read more