Terms & Conditions

  1. Services:
    I’ll be providing you with SEO consultancy as detailed in any documents we’ve agreed upon.
  2. Payment Details: You’ll be billed based on our agreed fee monthly. Kindly ensure payments are made within 30 days of receiving the invoice.
  3. Duration:
    We’ll begin our collaboration on an agreed date and plan to conclude on a specific date, unless we both agree to finish up earlier or extend our relationship on a rolling monthly basis.
  4. Confidentiality:
    Any information we exchange stays between us. Let’s respect each other’s privacy.
  5. Hiring Practices:
    For the duration of our work and for six months post-conclusion, let’s agree not to hire any of each other’s team members without prior discussion.
  6. Outcomes:
    While I’m committed to doing my utmost to enhance your online presence, SEO is complex. As such, I can’t guarantee specific rankings.
  7. Liability:
    Should anything unexpected arise, I can’t be held responsible for any losses or damages.
  8. Ending Our Agreement:
    If either of us feels the need to end this collaboration, we can do so with 30 days’ notice. If that happens, you’ll only be billed for services up to that date.
  9. Legal Considerations:
    This agreement follows UK law. If any issues come up (though we hope they won’t), we’ll address them under UK jurisdiction.
  10. Amendments:
    Should we decide to modify this agreement, we’ll both need to agree in writing.
  11. Unexpected Events:
    If unforeseen events, like natural disasters, disrupt our plans, neither party is at fault.